Commit 26d8eac5 authored by Sergio Bruni's avatar Sergio Bruni
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parent 9b8d63d8
......@@ -942,3 +942,32 @@ where current_x_crd_a is not null and prev_x_crda is not null
order by current_x_crd_a - prev_x_crda desc
### cerca i rinex indicizzati per erore piu di una volta su diverse reti (vedi
select net,
select count(*) from rinex_file r
join rinex_file_network rn on rn.id_rinex_file =
where rn.id_network = net_id
) totale_rinex
from (
select net,
count(*) as casi,
max(net_id) net_id
from (
select, rn.id_network, max( net, max( net_id from rinex_file r
join rinex_file_network rn ON rn.id_rinex_file =
join network n on
group by, rn.id_network
having count(*) > 1
order by
) t
group by net
) f
order by casi
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