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......@@ -219,6 +219,31 @@ architectures.
seiscomp config
* seedlink, SeisComP3 -
Seedlink is a system for near real time seismic data distribution.
Inside the directory 'src' has been copied files
'seedlink_plugin.c' and 'seedlink_plugin.h' from 'plugin.c' and 'plugin.h'
belonging to the SeisComP 3.0 distribution.
If your SeisComP root directory is not equal to /home/sysop/seiscomp,
you have to launch the script 'configure' in the following way:
./configure ... ... SEISCOMPDIR=/<where>/<seiscompdir>/<is>
Install binary and template files for SeedLink:
make install-seiscomp3-bin
make install-seiscomp3-templates (ONLY THE FIRST TIME)
The first command copies nmxptool binary in %SEISCOMPDIR%/share/plugins/seedlink/
The second command copies the directories
in %SEISCOMPDIR%/share/templates/seedlink/
After, you can use:
seiscomp update-config
Download the binary distribution for your operating system from the
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