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<h1>Earthworm Modules: <br>
nmxptool configuration file </h1>
<i>(last revised 26 March, 2008)</i></center>
<i>(last revised 31 March, 2008)</i></center>
Page Index:<br>
1. <a href="#function">Functional command listing</a><br>
2. <a href="#alphabet">Alphabetic command listing &amp; description</a><br>
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<h1 align="center">Earthworm Modules: <br>
nmxptool overview</h1>
<p><i>(last revised 26 March, 2008)</i> </p>
<p><i>(last revised 31 March, 2008)</i> </p>
The Nanometrics servers <i>NaqsServer</i> and <i>DataServer</i> can provide on-line access to seismic data and state-of-health information accepting TCP/IP connections and forwarding the requested data to each client program. <i>NaqsServer</i> collates and stores in near-real-time incoming data in ringbuffers whereas <i>DataServer</i> provides data of the past stored in <i>NaqsServer</i> ringbuffers. In order to implement the Nanometrics subscription protocols, the author developed a software consisting of a library called libnmxp and a tool called nmxptool. The library exposes a set of documented APIs which allow to communicate with the Nanometrics servers. The tool, based on libnmxp, allows to retrieve or monitor real-time data and data of the past.
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