Commit 68e79fd8 authored by Matteo Quintiliani's avatar Matteo Quintiliani

Added GLOBALFLAGS to CFLAGS automatically

git-svn-id: file:///home/quintiliani/svncopy/nmxptool/trunk@616 3cd66e75-5955-46cb-a940-c26e5fc5497d
parent 89fe2b4a
......@@ -100,9 +100,10 @@ AS_IF([test "x$with_ew" != xno],
AS_IF([test "x$EW_HOME" != x],
AC_CHECK_HEADERS([earthworm.h kom.h transport.h trace_buf.h],
[AC_DEFINE([HAVE_EARTHWORMFILES_H], [1], [Define if you have earthworm header file])],
AC_MSG_WARN([Earthworm header files not found!])
AC_MSG_ERROR([Earthworm header files not found!])
EWOBJS="$EWLIB/kom.o $EWLIB/getutil.o $EWLIB/logit_mt.o $EWLIB/socket_ew_common.o $EWLIB/transport.o $EWLIB/sleep_ew.o $EWLIB/socket_ew.o $EWLIB/time_ew.o $EWLIB/threads_ew.o $EWLIB/sema_ew.o $EWLIB/swap.o $EWLIB/mem_circ_queue.o"
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