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......@@ -925,22 +925,27 @@ mysql_printf is a mysql client command line tool for formatting query results\n\
by printf-like string format. The printf-like strings can contain conversion\n\
specifiers %%s to customize the indentation and position of the column values\n\
in the query results.\n\
You can arrange the values of a single query row as a list of Delimiter\n\
Separated Values (i.e. CSV, comma separated values), or formatting them in a\n\
more complex way, for instance arranging the values of a single query row\n\
result in several customized lines.\n\
mysql_printf can be very useful to generate custom text files from database\n\
Without defining a printf-like string format, the default text output format is\n\
a list of delimiter-separated-values where delimiter is ';', but you can change\n\
with whatever character you want.\n\
mysql_printf handles all attribute values as strings, in fact it can accept\n\
only the printf conversion specifiers %%s. You can rely on powerful MySQL\n\
functions for pre-processing output fields format, mathematic computation or\n\
string concatenations.\n\
The conversion specifiers %%s within the printf-like strings have to be as many\n\
as the fields of the query result, except when using the option -m (see later).\n\
mysql_printf is also able to process the escape sequence, such as \\n, \\t, etc.\n\
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