Commit 79def484 authored by Matteo Quintiliani's avatar Matteo Quintiliani

Improve debug messages in thread MessageStacker(). Issue #37

parent db518f87
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......@@ -914,8 +914,8 @@ thr_ret MessageStacker( void *p )
while( tport_copyfrom( &InRegion, params_stacker->GetLogo, params_stacker->nLogo, &reclogo,
&recsize, msgb, params_stacker->params->MaxMsgSize, &inseq ) != GET_NONE );
ew2openapi_logit( "et", "%s(%s): thread MessageStacker() starting main loop.\n",
params_stacker->params->cmdname, params_stacker->params->MyModName );
ew2openapi_logit( "et", "%s(%s): thread MessageStacker() starting main loop on input ring name <%s>.\n",
params_stacker->params->cmdname, params_stacker->params->MyModName, params_stacker->InRing);
/* Start main service loop for current connection
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